1. RESET PASSWORD: YOU NEED to reset your old password, otherwise you won’t be able to login.
    Please do NOT register a new account in this case, otherwise you would lose the connection to your prevous results and you start number(s).
  2. LOGIN: The mail address stored in your old account is now used as your login name. If you don't remember your mail address, please write a email to with your full name (and if applicable with your 2017 start number ). We'll look up your email address and send it to you.
  3. UPDATE: Please update all data in your personal profile, especially the personal data (in case of an accident) and your DMV membership.
  4. RENEW STARTNUMBERS: Your start numbers from 2017 are reserved for you until April 28th, only you can renew them until then.The start numbers won't show up in your profile until you renewed them, that's normal.

PROBLEMS? The site is still buggy. If you experience a bug, please send a your full name, login mail address and a detailed description how this error happened and a screenshot to:





As of now you can renew you last year's start numbers or register new ones.

The start numbers used in 2017 are reserved until 28.4.2018 23:59 o'clock for their previous owners. After this they will be released and can be registered as usual by anybody.

Here's the link:
Start number reservation (and seasonticket)



The ESC Seasonticket is a real bargain and saves you a lot of money regarding the starting fees.

You're paying usually 85 Euro starting fee per race and this for four races:  4*85 Euro= 340 Euro

The ESC season ticket costs only 280 Euro and you're registered for all four races automatically. Bargain!

Special case K4, in this case the season ticket is sold together with the needed engine parts and costs 1280 Euro.
More infos: GSF Topic about the seasonticket

You can buy the seasonticket here:
Seasonticket (and Start number reservation)
After clicking the order button you get a mail containing the next steps.




Hi ESC Community,

here are the race weekends for 2018:

  1. Challenge Scootentole - Mircourt (FR): 10. May -13. May 2018
  2. Cheb Challenge (CZ): 29.June - 01. July 2018

  3. LTH Deutschland GP - Liedolsheim (DE): 24.August - 26. August 2018

  4. Stoffi`s Hungarian-GP - Panoniaring (HU): 31. August - 2. September 2018

Next Race

Cheb Challenge